Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Key Largo

We went Ka-Warlo with Ahna and Grumps.    It took a long time to get there, it was so far away, but it was a fun trip.  And Flat Stanley comed with us.  When we got there we go-ed swimming in the sea water.  The sea water looked blue and kinda green and bluer the deeper.

Momma and I went for a walk on some rocks around where we went swimming.  We saw a sign that said do you want to swim with the dolphin.  There was a tank to get in and swim with the dolphins.  We didn't do that though, cause Ahna didn't want to swim with the dolphins.  She was afraid she would get her clothes wet.

I found some new pets.  Hermie the hermit crab.  Ahna said he lives in a pretty shell.  Momma said he was the kind of hermit crab that lives in the water.  Ever time a shadow fell on top of him, he goes in the shell because the thinks a bird is going to eat him.  I wanted to keep him forever, until he dies, but if I keeped him, I would need to find shells for him.  So that when he outgrows one of his shells he could get a new one.  When we left we found Lizzy my new lizard pet.  She lived at Ka-Warlo like the hermit crab.  She was a medium size lizzard, she couldn't fit in my cage, so Momma said we couldn't keep her.  And Lizzy lives where there are trees in Ka-Warlo.  Daddy says she was probably an iguana.

After we went swimming a little while, we went to eat with Britt and Rebecca, and Grumps and Ahna, and it was so fun.  I got Dr. Pepper to drink and Britt got water, so that he could get orange coke at the gas station when we left.  Rebecca got Dr. Pepper, and Momma got water, and Grumps got Pepsi.  And Ahna got yellow lemonade.  I ate shrimp and french fries, and the rest of the french fries I gave to Rebecca.  It was yummy and I even got to sit at the table outside over the water.  But I wasn't on the boat, I was eating on the plate at the dock.

We played in the water alot, but after it was all over we go-ed home.  Grumps and Ahna sleeped over and had lots of fun.  The end.

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