Thursday, January 22, 2015

6 Years with Britt

Happy 6th Birthday, Britty Boy!

I don't know where to start with your letter this year.  Daddy told me just to take that first part and write it in really big font so that it looked bigger and hit print.  You Daddy isn't much for meaningful words.  You certainly never seem to lack for something to say though.  Everyone will tell you that you got that from me, but I have no idea what they are talking about.  (smile)

Monday night, after I tucked you in, you asked me to stay and cuddle and talk to you a little bit.  I don't give in often enough, but I did that night.  We laid there and talked about an hour.  You had questions about the natural man and the spiritual man.  You asked why we can't hear them in your heart with our ears.  You wanted me to explain how can you hear them with your heart.  You wanted to know, how to remember to listen to the Holy Spirit even though you are angry and mad, instead of doing what that bad man wants.  You asked about Nate and Brooke and Janie and Christopher and if they were doing better.  Then you wanted to know how Iron Man's Arc Reactor works.  You wanted to know how me and Daddy knew where not to go so that you wouldn't get shrapnel in your heart like Iron Man.  You asked why your natural man doesn't want to kill people, but other people's natural man does.

You are always an endless font of questions, but since the sermon on Sunday on temptation you really have been inquisitive.  You listened, and nodded and even answered Bro. Jonathan a few times.  It's the first time I've seen you really pay attention for the whole time.  We've talked alot this year, trying to teach you how to control your attitude.  I have learned to reign my own in as a result.  We have been learning together.  This part of your growth is more endearing and precious than watching you learn to walk or feed yourself.  One of the things your Daddy and I most hope to convey to you and your sisters is our love for the Church.  We can't born you again, and we can't give you a love for the Old Baptist Church even after you have been born again, but we hope you never doubt our sincere, deep abiding devote to the Lord and His people.

Your love for learning is also something about this age that I just adore.  You are really enjoying homeschooling, and I enjoy the privilege of watching as you discover the world.  At times it is teaching me greater patience (cause Lord knows I don't have much), we have the greatest trouble over your abysmal writing skills, both letters and numbers.  What keeps you going is know that one day you will be even neater than Unca Benji and you can't wait.  You are just beginning to blend words, and I'm about to start adding in some sight word, so that you can do some more independent reading.  What we both enjoy most though is science.  I'm still structuring all of our science around your interest and using everything the library can get in.  This year you chose to learn everything about every animal.  That order was a little too large for one school year.  But, we have been doing biology and ecology, by studying each of the earth's biomes and some of the plants and animals in each one.  It is unbelievable to me what you retain.

You have become so sociable in the last year as well.  About this time last year, I carried you to a small co-op for the first time, and we couldn't keep you in class.  You were panicked to be with me or Ruth.  But before Christmas that co-op and a second much larger one finished up, and you had made so many friends, were so confident, and couldn't wait to tell me bye and go to class.  We are taking a break right now, but you can't wait to make new friends playing ball.  We missed the sign ups for baseball last year, but got you sign up for t-ball last week for the coming season.  Daddy is especially eager to see if you love it as much as he did, and how much you learn.  You aren't that coordinated yet, in my opinion, so we'll see how it goes.

I was terribly upset this year to lose all our old videos.  One True Media went out of business and when I found out that they were closing up shop, it was too late to order our videos.  I managed to save some, but can't reconstruct most of them, because I found the original files had become corrupted and I have very little of that video.  I've started making our own new videos.  It was fun to again pour over old pictures and try to find video.  It is so hard to believe that you are now six, I still feel like a kid myself sometimes, and yet it's hard to remember our lives before you kids.

Momma and Daddy love you so much little boy more than you know,

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