Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Elves

The kids enjoyed having Christmas Elves this year just as much as last year, though Ruth was skeptical as to whether or not they were "real."  I always just asked her, well what do you think?  I have more pictures in a public album on facebook, but here are some of the highlights of the year, and some pictures of the kids telling them goodbye. Last year, our elves were teaching "teamwork, not fighting, and encouraging good manners." This year the elves periodically brought some Christmas missions with them, and boy was that a big hit.  The kids really looked forward to those mission letters.  I thought it would be difficult to come up with 24 new ideas, and it was a little, there are a few special ones we might repeat yearly, but for the most part it was alot of fun scouring pinterest and coming up with idea.  Working on things like the elves' superhero costumes after the kids were in bed was alot of fun.  (If you are wondering how we dressed them up and made them so they could be posed, you can look back here.)

Day 1, 2014, Christmas Mission get a tree and decorate it.
The Elves brought their own.  But FIRST the kids had to help
clean the house to get everything ready for the tree.

Day 2, 2014, Elves fixed morning toothbrushes and
reminded everyone to brush their teeth.

Day 3, 2014, It took the kids a little while to
find them hiding in the Christmas wreath.
Day 3, While the kids were gone with Memaw and
Mister, someone moved.

Day 4, 2014, The Christmas mission was to assemble and
decorate the gingerbread house.  Our first time to make one.

Day 5, 2014, The elves made swings and hung them from
the curtain rod.
Day 6, 2014, The elves decided to go camping
under Ruth and Rebecca's little Christmas tree.
Day 7 and 8, 2014, The Elves hung out just
waiting for the kids to come home from their
weekend with Church

Day 9, 2014, The Elves really surprised the kids
with this stunt, and after they finished, I think I
heard them say something about that not being all
that hard after all.
Day 10, 2014, Today's Christmas Mission was to make some
Christmas cards.  They were coloring their own picture.
Day 10, 2014, During the course of the day, the elves finished
and signed their work of art.  The kids were really surprised.
Day 15, 2014, The Elves all loaded up for a ride on
Rudolph.  He insisted he was not taking them
back to the North Pole tonight.
Day 14, 2014, The Elves got rid of some stinky
diapers.  Mistletoe and Jingle are glad that
they aren't Rebecca's elves.

Day 16, 2014, The Elves were making hot chocolate for themselves.
After supper they scooted out of the way and had set out several cups
for the kids to make their own.

Day 17, 2014, The elves made a sled out of a Hershey bar and
some candy canes and asked the little reindeer to pull it they all took turns.

Day 18, 2014, The elves posed for a photo shoot tonight, and
then added their group picture to the wall of family pictures.  But
they had to stay at the North Pole since Rebecca touched them too
many times the day before.

Day 19, 2014, The Elves decided to dress up like superheroes,
just like the kids do.  This was a huge hit, and so much fun to do.

Day 20, 2014, The elves left a game day mission, so we all enjoyed
a game of Yahtzee tonight.

Day 21, 2014, Since we were going to Church today,
the elves decided they could risk hanging out lower.  The
elves left a Christmas mission of going to look for
Christmas lights tonight.
Day 23, 2014, The elves were eager to try out
the gingerbread house, and the kids helped
them eat it.

Day 22, 2014, Only 3 more days!

Day 24, The Elves arranged a Christmas Eve, movie day.
The last movie of the night, the kids and elves watched enjoyed their
movie and said good bye.  Since Santa was going to pick them up
when he filled their stockings, it was ok to touch the elves.

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