Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Rocket Booster Doubler Weapon

This is my new invention, of a new kind of weapon.  The red part shoots the arrows and fire, together at the same time with hot lava.  There are five invisible buttons around it to let you fire different things at different times or fire all the things at the same time.  But you can only see the buttons if you are holding it.  One even shoots stinky smells.  The paper part at the bottom holds rocket boasters at the very bottom.  If you hold on tight they are strong enough to rocket boast you.  There are controls down there for stirring it.  You can hold the weapon with the brown pole.  The plate holds up the shooter part, and the tape is the stabilizer, it keeps it from falling off when you are fighting. And this is how you shoot it at bad guys.

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