Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Library Card

I got my library card on Wednesday.  I went to the library and said please.  I had to tell her how old I was, and when was my birthday, and my whole name.  Then I got to pick my library card, and I picked orange.  Then she gave me a library bag, I picked red because there was no orange, so I picked red instead.  I also got a library card for a key lock, and Momma put it somewhere, because I don't have any key locks or keys.  Next I got to pick level 1 learning to read books.  I picked three.  One was about Goofy and he played baseball, but he used the wrong side of his bat.  So Donald put his hand on his head.  Then there was a Christmas Thomas the Train and Percy the green one.  And last was a fire truck one.

I got to have a library card, because I finished my first learning how to read book.  I am adding letters (blending) and starting to read.  I know how read Sam, ham, am, at, hat, bat, mat, and cat.  I wrote my first sentence on Reading Eggs, then I wrote it on paper in the car, "I am a cat." I don't like to spell the words to Momma because I don't every day remember how to spell the things.  At the end of the sentence you put a dot called a period.  I am this much excited, because it means I can check out my own books, any ones I want.

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