Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Family Night

This weekend we went to Memaw and Mister's house.  I played there.  I eat there.  I saw Lilli, Mister, Memaw, Brystal, Julia, Uncle James, Aunt Heather, and more people.  Us go to Church at Little Union.  And we played in a little room with stuffed animals and a bathroom in it.  I didn't like it, cause I don't like going to Church when it is not Sunday.  I liked playing with my friends when us was singing.

Me love you, Memaw! And me miss you Lilli. I'm so excited for you to come here and see me. I thought they would stay here all the way until it snowing.  Me will play with them in the snow. Me will go to McDonald's with them, but me won't go without my money.  They will go to family night, that is perfect.  They will be here in 8 more days.

To get ready, us picking up.  Me gonna listen to Momma cause that's gonna be good.  And do what Momma says to do.  Us gonna decorate for Thanksgiving and Family Night.  We have our scarecrows and stuff on the doors.  We have suncatchers on the windows.  Us have lights and leaves on the table.  And we have been raking leaves.  Memaw and Mister and Momma and Daddy and Lilli will all jump in leaves with us, because me sure it is a big enough pile.

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