Thursday, November 13, 2014

First Snow Fall

We had our first snow flurries the first Sunday of this month as we were headed to church, but they were teeny tiny things, and didn't even stick to the cars.  Today we were finishing up school, when Britt looked out the window and yelled, "It's snowing!"  And it was great big flakes.  We haven't yet gotten snow boots to fit the two oldest, and I haven't unpacked their snowsuits, so we threw on whatever shoes they could fine, and their light outside coats, that were still by the back door.  I managed to get Rebecca into a heavier coat and snow boots from Sis. Kimberly's girls.  And we hit the door running, before it quit. I thought I'd share them while I update you on Little Bit.

She is an amazingly feisty and independent child.  I can't always decide if I think that because she seems too young to be, since she's not very talkative, or if she really is just that much of a spitfire.  She is more like me in personality than even Britt was.  As apt to tell you no, just because, and a temper.  Despite not being vocal (with the obvious exception of the word no), she is very expressive.  She has the funniest little faces and imitates all sorts of things.  She'll tilt her head up and purse up her lips or she'll turn her head down and sling her hair around while looking up at you.  She dances to anything, but like her brother is especially partial to Bluegrass, and apparently the Zac Brown Band.

I've not done alot about her attitude, because I constantly feel like she's too little, but I also have to remind myself that she's not about to turn one, but nearing two, and while she doesn't talk she does completely understand me.  It's been a real battle of the wills lately as I have been putting my foot down on several things lately, not sure who is winning that, I'll have to get back with you.  She uses the words No, Momma, and uh-oh regularly.  She will wave and sometimes say "hiiiiiiiii" and sometimes she will wave and say "byyyyyyyeeeeeee" but it's usually after whoever is actually gone.  We've added some baby signing to help make things clearer, she will sometimes use please, thank you, cup, more, and hungry.  She has also developed her own sign for a diaper change.  She walks up to you, and when she is sure she has your attention, she reaches down and pats on it.  Then if you ask if that's what she needs she will nod and run go get a diaper.

In ways she remains so much of a mystery so VERY different from her siblings.  It's obvious that she is in deep thought at times (whatever that could possibly be at this age).  She shows no interest in real communication.  She is incredibly independent running and climbing everything without help, undressing herself completely and changing her pants herself (she actually tried to change her own diaper this morning).  Loves to look at books, but gets offended if I touch them or read them aloud.  Not wild about almost any toys, but drags my broom all over the house.  I tell you, parenting never gets old, their world is one of constant discoveries and conundrums.

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