Monday, July 07, 2014

Our 7th Anniversary

My Dearest Gary Britt,

Today marks our 7th anniversary.  Seven years ago on a bright, sunny day in South Florida we started out on a journey that has been the most amazing part of my life.  To have someone I can confide everything in, trust above all others, and to walk together with through both the hardship and joy of this life, I am convinced is one of the greatest blessings God has given to mankind.

I continue to be amazed, that you haven't figured me out by now, and taken a hike.  I know there are times that I drive you nuts, you just want to beat your head against the wall in frustration, because I am hardheaded, determined, not willing to budge, and I can get a temper about it.  You remain our calm and steady rock, the logical side of any argument, the patient one.  Your desire to take care of me and the kids fills me with such awe.  I love to watch you when you are working, selling products, making recommendations, knowing when to insist on something, and when to give options.  Your attention to detail and the way that you have a genuine concern for other people is one of the things I love about you.  I love to watch you with the kids, knowing when to push a little more, when to demand a little more, and when to lay back.  I often in the heat of battle push too hard, or want to come swooping in to the rescue; you balance that so well.

See the amazing thing I have learned over and over throughout our marriage, isn't that it is about date nights (because the kids are often along for the ride, our last real no-kid date was over a year ago now), and it isn't about sparkly things (not that there has been much opportunity for those things), but rather that it is about character and commitment.  Each day, day in and day out, you choose to do the hard things, you choose self-sacrifice.  You go into work when you don't feel like it, you come home and cook supper every night, you give baths and sometimes even do bedtime reading.  You never ask for time to just go hunting for a weekend, or go out with the guys.  You claim you don't have any desire for those things, but I know you do desire to do more sometimes than the quite and mundane. I find that though I love flowers and sparkly things, that coming in to find you working on a project without my prompting, or washing a load of dishes in the sink is so much more romantic - who would've thought.

I will never be able to do half for you, what you have done for me.  I try each day to show my love for you, and gratefulness for all that you do for us.  I pray that you see that through my feeble efforts. I pray that I get many more years to try and show you.  I love you.

~your dani~

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