Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We've not been online much, in the last two weeks.  After about a week and a half of rain solid, we've used every opportunity to get out of the house.  The kids are going to enjoy a few weeks with both sets of grandparents too, so we are not only cramming all the summer fun in this month that I can but we are also wrapping up school, or at least trying to find a good place to hit pause until August.  I think we will probably still do some gardening stuff when we start back up.  Anyway, I couldn't get Britt to agree to sit down and post today so I thought I might leave you with some of what he's dictated to me for his Nature Journal.  Some days we do nature walks, or hang out watching what wild life the kids don't scare off.  Other days when we garden he tells me what he did, what his favorite and least favorite part is, and then something new he learned.


Saturday, April 26th - I learned that plants don’t like to grow in dirt with too many rocks. They need good healthy dirt, and we call that soil.

Friday, May 2nd - I learned that too much water can kill a plant, just like not enough water.

Thursday, May 8th - We watched lots of birds. I saw them with my strong special eyesight, but I also used Momma’s space binoculars. They got a close look at stuff.

Saturday, May 17th - I learned that babies are not supposed to eat dirt.  I also learned the more food we grow the less we have to buy at the store, so then I have more money to buy toys.

Thursday, May 29th - Today we saw the ground hogs again. They were eating lots of grass, I don’t know why. One time I saw them crossing the road, but they didn’t get run over. I like ground hogs because they eat fast. I tried to carry them lettuce, I thought they liked it, but they never ate it.

Tuesday, June 3rd - My favorite part that day was pull up the bad plants.  My worst part of all, is how the bad plants don’t let the good plants grow. And that a rabbit keeps eating my lettuce!

Monday, June 16th - The best part was planting my own plants.  Ruth and I have our own pepper plants, and they have some little green ones already.  I also have a boy tomato plant (Better Boy) and Ruth has a girl one (Pink Lady).  I didn’t have any worst part.

Wednesday, June 18th - After we weeded they brought us a big scoop of stinky poop dirt, which meant it was really good dirt.

Thursday, June 19th - I learned that baby plants were fragile, and that you have to be very careful when you take them apart and put them in new pots.

Monday, June 23rd - I learned that poison ivy is itchy, and it’s not really good to touch. And you better not eat it cause then it would get on your teeth and your hands. You should stay out of the woods so you don’t get it.

Tuesday, June 24th - Today we harvested our first thing from our garden – it was lettuce. It was so yummy for supper in my salad. When we went to go and get our lettuce, we found a bird nest. It had three robin’s eggs. We watch them every day till we can see them hatch. 

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