Thursday, August 14, 2014

4 Years with Ruth


As Daddy gets you off to bed, I cannot believe that your 4th birthday has come to a close.  I can still very vividly remember being in labor with you, it was all a walk in the park till the last excruciating 20 minutes.  It's an apt description of your personality as well, all easy peasy until it really ain't.  You have so much love and care for others. You cry over the smallest troubles, and genuinely care for people.  I love to listen to your prayers at night, and the people you feel need to be added at the end.  On the other hand, when someone displeases you that fiery temper flares up and WATCH OUT!

Physically you are doing several things that you weren't before.  Immediately after your 3rd birthday, you potty trained with practically no effort in a week.  You are thrilled with having your own bed, and your own room, and have no problem sleeping alone (unlike Britt still at 5.5).  You are getting an outfit out of the drawer and getting dressed with no help, other than your tennis shoes.  You have a vivid imagination, and I love to hear your games and conversations between your toys.  You are also not only interested in helping, but getting better at helping out around the house with both washing a few dishes, and pulling weeds in the garden.  Another big change for you this year, is your speech is so much clearer.  I don't believe you are behind at all now with pronunciation, and to be truthful, your vocabulary is probably ahead of grade level.  You have a thick Southern accent on your vowels (not that your Momma minds one bit), and when you are excited you trip over your words trying to get a thought out, but most people don't have too much trouble understanding you these days.

You and Britt remain very close, but you have been butting heads more than usual over the last several months.  Of course you've been butting heads with alot of us lately.  I suppose it's not easy to be turning four.  You fuss at him for not playing the way you want, but two seconds later, are begging him to come back and play.  At one moment you are jealous that Britt is doing school and you beg for new school books of your own to learn to read and do math, then the next you insist that you don't like reading, and that you'll just always make me do your reading for you.  Everything is very back and forth with you.

One big change from last year, is how you interact with your sister.  You were initially somewhat distant with her, only seeing what she couldn't do, and not sure what the big deal was about having another baby.  Now you are eager to play with her, help her with things, and sit and talk to her for the longest time.  You often ask when we can have another baby.  She's not as enthusiastic with you making over her, but it doesn't seem to put a damper on your enthusiasm.

We are looking forward to another year of school starting up next week or so.  You are telling everyone who will listen that you are in Kindergarten just like Britt.  I did very little with you last year, mostly giving you coloring sheets and including you in our reading.  Your coloring is amazing, and your way better than your brother at it.  You retained as much and sometimes more than Britt, so since you demanded more, I've got some things to try, we'll see how far it goes though.  You have recently begun begging to have your ears pierced, I'm ready to take you, but Daddy isn't quiet there yet.  You have also asked to play softball and go to dance.  I'm not sure I'm ready for either yet, but I am going to do some looking around.

One area that we have talked about alot lately, that I plan to work with you more on is an attitude of thankfulness.  We've talked alot about having a happy heart and not an ugly heart.  We've talked about how whining comes from an ugly heart, and not being thankful.  I know this is an area that we never fully master, but I think it is an area that you MUST improve in, that you should have a better handle on.  There is nothing more unattractive than an ugly attitude, no matter how many other things you have in your favor, you will not go far in a job, in a relationship, in life if you can't find a way to control and tame your own attitude.  Daddy and I love you little girl, and only want the best for you. We thank God for you and pray that He blesses you to continue to grow in grace.


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