Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Muddy Day

I was making a mud fire, jumping in mud puddles, and I fought the mud with lots of sticks. I had a mud camp out. Small sticks were for the mud campfire. I rolled them in the mud, then I put them to the side, and then I did another one. First you put it in the little mud, then the big mud, then the muddy mud, and when you mix them all up, you make superpower mud. Then I used it to make my pipe magical.

I was a king superhero - King Britt.  But I wasn't a bad old king, just a good, good king.  My weapon was a pipe because my stick blew away.  Without my pipe I wouldn't have any power, but just a sad heart.  No one can pick up the pipe but Britt, no one else is able to pick it up.  My pipe controls the lightning on earth, and it's so heavy, but it could carry a whole house.  One more power my pipe is that it can freeze an ice block into a winter animal like a snow bunny or a winter fox or wolves.

(As you might imagine, Britt has an endless amount of energy, and after the last several weeks being too bitter and miserable to let him out of the house, with temps today in the 70s, I let him have at it.  The back yard in places, especially around the steps is nothing but a muddy mess from the rapidly melting snow, and he found a use for all of it.  I just told him to wear his snow boots.  Maybe I'll invest in a pair or rain boots for the boy.  I would say Spring is on it's way, but we are suppose to be back below freezing in a few days.)

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