Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Math Class in the Kitchen

It is very fun to make cookies.  It is very good for Britt to help us.  We made Gingerman cookies.  I wanted to make them look like little men, but Momma said she didn't have any cookie cutters.  The best part of making cookies is putting sprinkles on it, it's even better than eating them.  I even shared a cookie with Rebecca.

First I had to count how many ingrediants to scoop.  Momma had a 1/4 cup and a 1/4 teaspoon, and she would say I need 3/4 so how many times do we need to fill it up?  I would tell her three.  Britt would tell her too, and who ever told her first got to scoop them in the bowl.  One time we needed 8/4!  After we mixed it all, then we through it on the ceiling, and it cooked there. hahahahaha.  And an elephant gave it back to us.  hahahahaha.  No, me roll the cookie like this, and then I put sprinkles (sugar) on it.

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