Sunday, August 12, 2012


We are excited to share the news that we are expecting again!  I will be finding a doctor up in Indiana, when we get there.  I don't have any official dates yet, but we think baby number 3 will be arriving around the beginning of March.  Britt has known for a little while, and done a great job of keep a secret.  He is constantly reminding Ruth not to wallow or climb all over my belly, "or you will hurt the baby."  Whenever we ask him what he wants or what we are having he is very certain that it's another sister.  Ruth still points to herself when you ask where the baby is.  But in the last week, she has decided that there are three babies in there, one in each of the growing areas of my midsection.  They like to give the baby kisses at night, and Britt talks to the baby when he first gets up.  He usually asks random questions, and then fusses at my belly when he gets no response.  He wraps up the conversation by saying, "Don't make Momma's belly hurt today, or she will have to spit in the toilet again!"  Gary and I are so excited.  We just feel so blessed, to have a new job, preparing to move, and to be having a baby again.

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