Monday, August 15, 2011

Ruth's 1st Birthday Party

Yesterday, was Ruth's first birthday party and after Church we had a party for her. We had alot of Gary's family and the Church over to celebrate with us. After all, it was a great excuse to have everyone over, grill out and visit. Since we didn't get home from Church until 3:30, and the party was at 5, I was a little crazy trying to finish up everything. Luckily Mom and Dad and Aunt Patricia helped me finish getting all the food out.

We had a great turn out, Gary cooked about 50 hamburgers and we only had 7 left at the end of the night. We had out a couple of inflatable pools, one with just a little water for Ruth, and then the other with more water for the older kids. They had a great time jumping from pool to pool, and Ruth just laughed and laughed at them. The pools helped keep everyone cool. We had a pretty nice breeze and in the evening most of the back yard is shaded, so we had a good time visiting.

Ruth was so enthusiastic about the entire proceedings. She played in the pool and smiled for everyone. She ate half of a hamburger and then we got out her cupcake. Oh my she absolutely loved that thing. At first she wasn't quiet sure what to think, but after Gary put a piece in her mouth, she was in heaven. First she tried to lean over and eat it because she couldn't figure out how to pick it up. Finally she just grabbed it with both hands and practically inhaled it. She was just so excited. We had to give her a second one, and while some of it ended up crumbled all over the place, she ate an awful lot. After all of that she needed a bath.

After she was cleaned up she opened her presents. She still isn't that great at tearing the paper off of a box, but boy she had pulling that tissue paper down pat. She yanked that stuff out and just laughed and laughed. At the end of the evening, the family was out playing the bean bag toss, and Mom had corralled the kids in the living room with Toy Story 3, while A. Patricia helped me out by doing the dishes while I dried and put them away. We had such a wonderful day, but boy were we tired by the end of the night.


Megan said...

Happy 1st Birthday Ruth! I can't believe she is 1 already!! Love your page, I think I need to to do mine for me!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Thanks for inviting us to your party, Ruth! We had so much fun! Happy First Birthday!