Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learning Swahili?

This video is a little old, but Momma seems to think you might enjoy it. I like to act out movies now as I watch them. I'll like to sing the songs with them too. One of my favorite movies these days is The Lion King. UncaBenji got me hooked on watching it. I have to be sure to tell everyone all the animals in case they don't know what they are, and the first song as it comes on is my favorite. The only odd thing, is that they all fall asleep after the baby lion gets held up in the air. Momma insists that they are bowing, but I'm quite sure that they are asleep because they close their eyes.

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Kelly Spezzano said...

HAHAH- I love the reinactment! Joshua still hasn't seen the movie, but he loves to watch the Hakuna Matata video on Youtube- and he asks to watch the King movie. (Kimberly is going to lend it to us so he can finally see it). Is Jungle Book still his #1 or has he moved on from that?