Thursday, July 07, 2011

Happy 4th Anniversary

My dearest Gary Britt,

Today marks our 4th anniversary, and I love you every bit as much and more than the day we wed. you are the more adventuresome risk taker of the two of us, and I am the more leery one, we balance each other out with just the right amount of spontaneity and routine. You have me following all the Rays games, and I've even gotten you to see a few plays. I've learned more about steers than I would have ever imagined there was to know, and you have put up with me reading books aloud. Together I think we can handle anything life throws our way.

After all we have endured a lay off and two children. Throughout our difficult moments and days we have each other. Life has mostly been joyful days though. For all the trouble those kids can be they seem to be the best of the two of us. They both have your laid back easy going personality and look so much like you; and they have my inquisitiveness and desire to learn and explore. I'm looking forward to a houseful of them and a life time with you.

This last year was a roller coaster, and seems to have passed so rapidly. We talked about that on the night we moved back down from Gainesville. It seems like we had just moved up there a short time before. We hope to get a good job, get situated, and not need to move for a long time to come. The past year we survived a year of college and a new baby, we didn't get much sleep but we made it through. I don't know what this next year will hold but I'm sure we will have many more adventures.

I love you!
~Your dani~

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