Thursday, June 30, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Howdy Cow-bay!

Father's day has come and gone again and I find myself writing your yearly letter. Things have changed so much in a year for you Britt and you are almost 2 1/2. You now have a new sister, Ruth, who is getting big enough and old enough to pester you. It seems when you are playing in the living room floor that she has a talent for getting in the middle of things to play with you. Usually the two of you play good together. But, there are times where she wants to play, and you fuss and try to climb up to the landing to get away. She would try to follow you, and I wonder how you will respond in the new house with no stairs to escape up.
On that note, I can't wait to show you our new home. You'll have a big yard to run and play in. Chickens, cows, and even a baby calf to watch again. You are upgrading because while you are still sharing a room with your sister, you are moving out of a closet into a real room. You are also getting a new twin sized bed, your first adult bed ever. You should be able to play with your cousins more often now, and you adore following them around. You are content to let the girls take the lead and just be along for the ride.
Your favorite past time is to go swimming or as you call it the "big water". Other favorites are still drinking your cup, eating cookies, and chasing cats. Your first favorite movie was Jungle Book which we still watch alot. You also like Robin Hood, Aristocats, and Winnie the Pooh. Your current favorite movie though is Toy Story 3 which you call "Cow-bay." You love to play with your "racket" while you watch bluegrass, sometimes it's your "tar-tar" and sometimes it's a banjo or a "men-do-win."
You no longer pose as well as you should when we try to take pictures, but rather run away. Speaking of running, in contrast to last year you are also running around and climbing on everything. You can get into anything that you want, and nothing is safe. You are still a bit clumsy on your feet though. You are communicating more and more, and I hope to be able to talk with you more as you understand more.
It will be neat to teach you to throw a baseball and a football, you know the little stuff, but I guess what I really want to teach you is how to build on what you are now. You have a happy and content spirit and I hope you always keep that attitude in life. I want you to build on that and learn integrity which is doing the right thing no matter what.
I love you, Britt and I look forward to moving on in the next chapter in our life. It seems like you change so rapidly, and I am amazed how fast you've learned the letters in the alphabet and how you can pick up things seemingly overnight. The time passes all to quickly. The one thing I have not regretted about not having a job, is all the time I get to spend with you each day. This time passes too quickly and cannot be gotten back. I have fun outside with you, and hope to do more together. I never want to get to the point that I have to tell you that we will do it later, because time passes too quickly.

I love you,

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