Thursday, July 14, 2011

11 Months with Ruth


My little miss, you are getting so big. It's amazing just how much you have changed and grown in the last month. I'm sure I think so because you spent most of the last month with Ahna and Grumps and the changes seem so much more sudden.

Of course some of those changes have been sudden in the last nine days you have cut 6 teeth. The four in the middle on top are easy to see now, but the two front bottom teeth are just barely poking through. You absolutely hate to have me put my fingers in your mouth, so each evening I lay you down in the floor and tickle you until I get a good look at all of those teeth while you laugh at me.

You went from standing against furniture and taking a few halting steps as you move hand over hand along the couch to cruising around the room with ease. You even manage bigger gaps now like reaching from the couch to Daddy's chair and then around the end table until you fall down to crawl up the step to leave the sun room.

You are asserting yourself more and more these days, much to Britt's shock. He can't get away with taking any and every toy away from you now. There are a few toys that you crawl over him and steal right back. The first time I watched you take a toy back, Britt just sat there and looked shocked then came and told me "Ruth get Woody." Neither of you have a clue what sharing means, but I'm beginning to attempt referring the two of you. Your new favorite thing to do together is to pull all they toys out of the cabinet and get in it. Britt will get Woody or his "tar-tar" and you will get your doll or the musical stacking rings, and then you two shut the door and laugh and play in the dark in the cabinet. For all I know you two have been to Narnia as long as you've stayed in there.

You remain cuddly, especially when you don't feel well. Cutting teeth has been a real trying experience for you, and you just want to sit on my shoulder against my neck and chew on Mr. Potato Head's arm. Sometimes I worry that our cuddle time is drawing to an end, after all you will be walking before long, but then you come and raise your arms to be picked up. You still like me to rock you and sing "Grace 'tis a Charming Sound". Other times we sit and have little conversations in the rocker. I talk about Daddy, Britt, what we will do when you get bigger, and often things from history. You are faithful to answer in your babble and smile in all the right places. Before long I imagine these conversations might be more two sided.

We love you so very much and we hope you never forget that.


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