Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 Months with Ruth


I started this post on your ten month birthday, and even called and had Ahna and Grumps email me a picture of you with Uncle Nick's old teddy bear "Chocolate". However, I failed to get it finished, and then we had to turn off the internet, pack, and move. We finally got internet back this week, so that I can finish your letter now that you are 10 1/2 months old.
During this past month, you quit nursing entirely. I'm glad we made it a bit over nine months, I was hoping to make a year, but also, I'm so relieved to be done, I don't enjoy it. You are a ferocious eater, you speed through almost every meal and always complain when we run out of food. You have a healthy appetite. You aren't really wild about green beans and your favorite food remains squash followed by bananas, but there isn't a single thing so far that you turn down cold. You have mastered hold your sippy cup, and you are very adept at picking up finger foods. Despite the fact that you have no teeth you manage a variety of foods. I was only giving you things that would dissolve in your mouth (no not M&M's, but Gerber stars), when we caught you sharing a bowl of Cheerios with Britt. Your lack of teeth doesn't seem to stop you in the least. You chew on everything, and often look like you have been hosed down at the w
ater facet, but for all that still no sign of teeth.
You were cruising around on furniture a little back at the beginning of the month, but have abandoned that mode of transportation for Mowgli style crawling, and boy have you gotten fast at that. You follow us around, and hate to be left alone. You don't play well by yourself, and why would you? You've always had a playmate. You are quick to let us know that you don't appreciate being left by yourself, and when we pick you up you are just as quick to smile and babble away. You have been quiet talkative lately, particularly in the afternoons. You have been saying "mamamamama" for over a month, but now you say mama to me, you also say dadadada to Daddy, always four syllables. You also say "babababa" sometimes at Britt and sometimes and whatever you have in your hand, so I don't think that means anything yet.
Much like your brother you love the water, but just like me you hate it in your face and your eyes. You splash and splash in the pool or the bathtub, but when you manage to spash yourself you always stop and look annoyed. When Daddy rinses out your hair by dumping a cup over your head you fuss and let him know just how displeased you are. Oh, and when Daddy dunks you in the pool you come up spuddering, red eyed, and looking confused. I don't blame you after all I have no idea what's so fun about getting cold water in your face. You sure enjoy playing in the bathtub or pool with Britt. It's one of the highlights of the day. I'm going to have to get you two a little pool to play in the backyard on these hot summer afternoons.
Much like your older brother and your Daddy you remain even tempered, never out of kilter. It's a rare day when you are fussy, and usually just holding you a bit extra cures that. That big, beautiful, toothless grin is so endearing. We love you very much little miss, and look forward to you coming back home this weekend.


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