Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our First Ultrasound...

We went in for our first ultrasound yesterday. I thought that I was 10w, my doctor thought 10w1d, but we discovered that we were 8w4d. Gary was a bit disappointed that it looked more like a blob and less like a baby, but I think it's the cutest blob that I ever did see. Sis. Kelly asked him if it looked like a manatee, and his reply was uglier. I suppose right now, she really does have only a face a mother could love, haha.

I was so facienated, to watch the little heart beat, we still haven't been able to hear it, but while doing the sonogram, she turned on the color that checks for blood flow, and we could see the two little chambers in it's little heart very quickly changing to red and blue as the blood flowed out of one chamber and into another. Then we were able to see our baby roll over. We have two pictures (which hopefully I'll get scanned into the computer and online in the next day or two). In one you can see the little head and a tiny arm and leg bud, and the little bit of a tail that it still has, in the second picture she rolled away toward my backbone, and tucked her little head to her chest, and in it you can see her backbone. I was so excited.

I have also started having weird dreams, but I had one really good one on Sunday afternoon. I won't share all of it, because it was weird and long, but I dreamed that we had our baby and that it was a the most beautiful baby boy with a headful of curly, curly blond hair. I woke up and woke Gary up from his nap (he wasn't thrilled) and told him all about it, and kept saying he was so beautiful. Gary says it's official that I have lost it. I'm sure it holds no significance, but it was a really nice dream.


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

If you're dreaming boy dreams then maybe that's a sign! I'm so glad to hear all the good news!

Anonymous said...

As The Borrowed Dad, aka: Borrowed Poppa let me first say that I am enjoying so much watching my children grow inside and outside. And thanks to the blogging world, I am experiencing this wonderful world thru your eyes. I hope your Moms and Dads are having the opportunity to experience this part of you guys life also. It brings back memories of long ago. Of the anticipation and dreams to come. Thanks for letting this Borrowed Dad Be a part of it.

Love You Guys
Borrowed Dad