Sunday, June 18, 2017


Dear Ruthea,

I guess it’s going to get more crowded in the girls’ room with the new addition of little Kate. But I’m sure that you will be excited to have another sister-playmate. You were probably too small to help much with Rebecca when she was born, but now that you are six years old, almost seven, this will be a great chance to learn about taking care of a baby and help out Momma when you can. But also, you are going to have to be a little bit more independent and work harder on your school work, because Momma will have to spend a lot of one on one time with Kate, a newborn just needs more attention. I think it’s going to be interesting or fascinating to see how Kate’s personality fits in, with you being the outdoors best friend type, and Rebecca being the independent strong-willed child. It seems like you and Rebecca seem to be polar opposites, I guess that just goes with sisters. If one likes pink best, the other one is going to prefer purple. You like to catch lizards and be outside, while Rebecca hates to touch the fish she catches.

We had a fun time playing t-ball this year. Daddy is very happy that you know all your field positions, that you field the ball and throw it to first base, and when you hit you run as hard as you can. You did very good for me as your coach. You helped pick up equipment, listened to me when I tried to explain things to everybody, which is important because sometimes the coach’s daughter doesn’t always do what she’s told (Rebecca). There will be some changes next year, because it will be your first year of softball instead of t-ball. So not only will you be pitched to, but you’ll be hitting and fielding a much larger ball. Momma found a bike for a good price so we bought you a bike, and got you some training wheels. You picked out a Ninja Turtle helmet. You’ve started riding your bike, but we’ll have to work on your strength, particularly riding up hill. The other day, Momma went walking with you with your bikes, and she had to walk really slow for y’all to keep up.

Your fishing skills have very much improved. I guess it helped to live for a year near a canal to practice in the evenings. Aunt Manna got you a new fishing rod, your first real rod. We had fun doing the Belle Glade children’s fishing tournament. A few weeks ago, when you, me, and Mr. Perry went fishing in his boat, I think you had more fun playing with the fish in the live well. You are good at picking up worms and touching them, but we need to teach you how to bait your own hook, that would free up time for me to do some actual fishing, but also help me to focus more on helping all you kids get your fish on the bank after you catch them.

You and Rebecca are sharing your own room in our first house that we’ve actually owned. And of course your excited because you got the two things you asked for a purple room with a chandelier. You also have a faerie garden in the back yard, but since you’ve been gone for 3 weeks, it might be faerie woods by now. You were very excited and worked very hard on your faerie garden. You put in lots of different fun plants like the hibiscus tree, you put down rocks and mulch to help with the weeds. You did a very good job.

We had another full year of homeschooling. Momma says you are improving on your math, that you are really starting to take off on your reading skills. I know sometimes when I spell out words to Momma that you are starting to sound it out, which is not very good… for me. Now, I have to come up with another code or spell the word very fast so that you can’t hear all the letters. I’m going to need you to start being a big sister, and helping out with Kate. I know you help out with lunch for everyone a lot of times. With Kate being so young, Momma’s going to need some additional extra help around the house.

I think the biggest thing we need to work on this year, is for you to be nicer to your sister Rebecca. I know y’all are very different from each other, but it’s important that you have a good relationship with your sisters. They can be your best friends and strongest supporters. It hurts Daddy and concerns me when I come home from work, and Momma tells me that you and Rebecca have been fighting and bickering all day. With you being the oldest, it’s your responsibility to be kind to your sister. We will try to work on Rebecca as well to be more loving. One of the big changes we had this year is that you joined the Church. You also got to participate in your first communion last Sunday at Mt. Olive. It makes Daddy very happy to see that you try to pay attention, that you try to pay attention to our Bible reading and take notes during preaching. I think you like the book of Ruth a little too much. With joining the Church, there are a lot of great things that go along with that – closer fellowship with the Lord, kinship with people who are not naturally your family, but who can be closer spiritually than your own siblings. But there are a few things that are now our responsibilities as members of the Church – work together, serve others, spending time in prayer, and living our life in a way that would honor our savior the Lord Jesus Christ. You seem very happy and excited when you got baptized, you smiled so very big. I hope you will remember and enjoy your baptism for years to come.

We love you, Ruth, and hope that you keep that tender heart and giving spirit that you show quite often.


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