Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It is Well

For almost a year now, I've been coloring in a coloring book that Joan Ellen found for me.  It has the words to "It is Well, With My Soul" in them.  Each phrase has an accompanying picture.  Most of them have been nature pictures, which are always my favorite.  I have trouble just sitting still.  I have always wanted to have a book to read, or sit and crochet in the car.  Even just sitting with Gary in the evenings when he is watching tv, I feel like I need to keep my hands occupied.  Lately I've been doing that by coloring.

I stress alot and over think things, so the coloring has often been more than just keeping my hands busy.  It's been a good stress relief.  Some days I've just sat and colored and watched tv with Gary, it's been just something to do.  Other days, I've sat and colored and talked to God when I'm missing Abigail or been worried about Katherine.  A few times it was just a good time for me to sit and try to not worry about whatever I was worrying about, or to at least organize in my head what I was stressing over and then put it away in there.

I've been through alot with this coloring book.  We grieved Abigail.  Gary decided that we should buy a house, and I eventually came around to his idea.  We searched for a house while I worked on this.  We found out that we were pregnant again during this book.  We found a house and endured the ridiculously long back and forth to buy the house.  After taking a long break during which I poured alot of time and work into the house, coloring helped me deal with the anxiety of pregnancy.  And now, finally the last couple of pages have been completed after bringing Katherine home from the hospital.

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