Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's A...

12-23-2016, Katherine Hope
Even though we were suppose to go on Wednesday to find out if it was a boy or a girl, they decided to bump up our ultrasound appointment to this past Wednesday.  We didn't tell anyone, but loaded the kids up in the car and went to find out.  After a little bit Raj told Ruth it's a baby like you. She said, so what is it.  He said, a little girl like you.  Bless their hearts, the older two were less than thrilled.  Britt started bawling in the corner.  He tried not to be loud, but I could tell from his breathing.  Gary looked over there and sure enough.  He was terribly upset.  He was sure he was getting a brother to share his room with this time.  Ruth wasn't much happier.  She said, I already have 2 sisters, I wanted another brother this time.  Rebecca though was quick to jump up and say, I was right.  Of course this made Ruth mad, because at supper the night before Rebecca, who had been saying girl all pregnancy, said ok, it's a boy.  When Ruth called her on it, and insisted she was wrong too, Rebecca just said, no I was joking.  She was  perfectly happy with either outcome.  Ruth though was mad, insisting that she wasn't joking last night.  As we walked out of the ultrasound room, Britt to the great amusement of the doctor and nurses said, "What if we have four more boys."  I informed him that we aren't having 4 more babies for him to get four more boys.  He's just going to have to be outnumbered by girls in this house.  The doctor and nurses laughed.  They encouraged him to ask for a big gift for Christmas as compensation, like a boy pony.

12-21-2016, Profile and face shot
On our way home, Britt called Grumps to ask him "for advice about being the only boy other than your Daddy in your family."  Grumps commiserated with him for a bit, and when I got the phone back he just laughed.  I don't know how he kept it together for as long as he did.  I called and told Mother that day too.  But told her we'd probably tell Gary's family for Christmas Eve.  She gave me the great idea of wrapping it in a box for them to open.  Which we did, along with her name - Katherine Hope.

12-23, Another profile shot
On Friday we had a detailed ultrasound and consult with the Maternal Fetal Specialist.  They were incredibly detailed, and ruled out tons of stuff. Maggie was my ultrasound technician, and she was the best I have ever had. She told me what she was looking for in every shot, what I was looking at, and what problem we were ruling out in every picture. I can't tell you how much it made me feel better about this pregnancy to have her explaining everything. She told us that with the high thyroid antibodies in Hashimoto's disease, that the first thing they want to rule out is anemia, and she was able to do that in all three ways. She then pretty much ruled out a number of genetic issues - checking kidneys, heart, brain, skull thickness, hands that opened and closed. The doctor then came in and said that everything is looking very positive no red flags so far. They will want to see me a few more times to insure that baby doesn't develop a goiter on it's thyroid, or have issues from my antibodies crossing over and attacking it's thyroid. She is also having me run thyroid labs again next week and every 4-6 weeks. Everyone was incredibly polite and took time to answer questions and give lots of details which I appreciated even if we ended up being there a little more than 3 hours. If we can get to the point where I start feeling regular movement I think I'll feel even better, but we got a very good report which has done alot to settle my mind, and decrease my worrying.

12-23-2016, Kate with her feet folded up over her face.  Hurts just looking at her.
The thing that was the most fun to see, though was when we were getting pictures of her ears.  She had her left arm stretched straight up behind her head and the other one bent so that her hand was under her head.  She looked so much like Britt does when he's sleeping.  Toward the end we asked the tech and the doctor to verify it was a girl and they did.  Britt is still hoping they all made a mistake, but he did like hearing that she sleeps like him.

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