Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Brief Snapshot of Our Summer

If you were wondering what we did between June and the beginning of October.
I started by adding flowerbeds.

A small circus showed up at the fairgrounds.

We took a trip to the zoo for the Fourth of July.

And hauled in rock for the driveway.

We took a Butterfly Tour.

Mother and Daddy came to visit.

I added another flowerbed while the kids were gone.

And another...

The kids spent 2.5 weeks in Alabama before I went after them.

Then we all spent another 2 weeks in Florida.

Where Ruth had an impromptu birthday party.

And we saw a Rays game.

We all had to sneak in a beach trip.

After we came back home and had Ruth's birthday, we started school again.

Then football season started.

During which there were two traitors.

Britt and Ruth had their first horse rides.

They tried out writing with turkey quill pens at Pioneer Day at the Zoo.

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