Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nick & Alex's Wedding

The entire reason that we were in Alabama was to be there when my brother got married. I couldn't be more happy for Nicholas, and I think he has some how caught the sweetest girl.  It's exciting to have a sibling join the ranks of the married, and it's really exciting to get a sister.  As excited as I am, I think the kids were even more excited to "help Unca Nick and Aunt Alex get married."  I can't wait to see the official wedding photos but we got a couple of really cute shots as well.  One of my favorites is one that Alex's sister Renee got of the two "sign bearers," and another favorite was Britt and Ruth's photo booth pictures.

Of course we all had a good time visiting, but the kids really had a great time.  They danced with pretty much everyone we knew, and some others beside.  Britt finally got up the courage to go and give Aunt Alex a hug and ask her to dance with him.  I think he was more than a little intimidated by her magnificent dress, as it took him several hours to get up the nerve to go all the way up to her. Haha.

The ball ended too soon (according to Ruth), and we hit the road about nine and drove as far as Knoxville before stopping for the night.  We drove the rest of the way home after Church on Sunday.  It was a really wonderful night.

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