Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thanksgiving in Alabama

We flew a plane from Pennsylvania to Alabama, because we wanted to see Grumps and Ahna.  We have been here super long, but have to go home today.  We also saw Grandmother and Granddaddy.  We played in both their houses.

We went to visit some people that were Ahna's aunts one day.  I liked seeing them.  I didn't know that Ahna had aunts.  First we saw Auntie and Uncle Hoyt and I played with an elephant that pops out the balls I played with my (3rd) cousin, Carter too.  Then we saw Aunt Ree and she gave me a pet.  He was a little brown dog, but I don't know his name.

Another day we went to Tennessee.  I asked if I could go to Auburn instead, and Momma said we didn't know anyone down there that day.  Later in the car Momma told me I was in Tennessee, and I asked, "Where is the football and all the chairs."  All I could see were cotton fields.  Momma didn't know I thought I was going to watch Grumps's football team.  I was mad.  She told me that football would be on the tv later that we were going to see the family, but I didn't much like that.

In Tennessee we played with Emily.  We played dominos.  Aunt Cindy had cookies at her house, but they had nuts.  I played with her dog, Murphy Brown.  We played fetch then we brushed her and blow dried her hair.  Then Aunt Brenda gave me some new coloring stuff to keep.  I had excited fun in Tennessee.

We had Christmas presents at Grandmother's house and at Ahna's house.  My favorite present was a dinosaur game for my leap pad and my angry bird clothes.  I've played with my presents all the days.  Tonight I'm going to watch the Herculus movie for my present.

I'm sad to go back to Pennsylvania.  I'm not ready yet.  But Momma says we can get our Christmas tree when we get home.

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