Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Christmas Time

We got presents in Alabama.  I got princess things, and school presents like games for my leap pad.  My favorite present was my Super Why game.  We played it with Ahna the last day we were there.

We saw lots of people, but some elves came and surprised us at Ahna's house after Church.  They were sitting in the Christmas tree, and on Britt's blocks.  Britt wanted his blocks back so he asked the elves to give them back, and later on when we look they had climbed up in the Christmas tree with Britt's elf.  Then the next day we looked everywhere and they were in the candles hanging upside down.  It was so, so funny, the funniest fun.

We got up in the middle of the morning before the sun came up to go get on a plane and fly home.  I didn't see the elves anywhere.  They left us a note that they would see us at home.  After we went lots and lots of places we came home and they were sitting on our table riding around on our dinosaurs!  They are so silly.

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