Sunday, June 16, 2013

Letter to Britt


Another year has passed, and alot of things have changed since last Father's Day.  We were all still living in Florida.  In this amount of time, I interviewed, got a job, moved to Indiana, where we lived about 8 months, and now have moved to Pennsylvania and are living in the mountains.  We had a good job in Indiana, but I hope this one will prove to be better, so that I can better provide for you and your sisters.  This is a new house for us, and we have done alot of work so that we can all be comfortable together in our new home.
Not only are we in a new area, but we have added a new addition to our family - Rebecca Joy.  We enjoy watching you and your siblings.  You and Ruth still cause the most trouble.  Some of it is you aggravating Ruth, and other times you are fussing because she is ignoring you.  Rebecca is in her own little world, babbling and laying around by herself.  She especially loves to watch you.  You sing to Rebecca to calm her down when she is crying or fussing, particularly in the car.  It makes her happy, and she gets quiet to hear you sing, but it also makes Momma happy to hear you sing.
You have several accomplishments this year.  You are much better potty trained, having only a few accidents.  You typically can use the bathroom without assistance, though you need help cleaning up.  You have memorized several Bible verses with Momma, and pick them up so quickly.  You have long been interested in reading books, but lately have been asking us what every single sign says while we are driving.  You are recognizing more and more of them.  You are increasingly helpful around the house, Momma has talked about making you a chore chart, you put away your dirty clothes, dishes, and pick up with only minimal reminders now.  I am really pleased with your appetite lately, some days we are shocked by how much you eat, especially since you use to be so very picky.  You have gotten much better about eating with a fork and spoon, though Momma laments that you won't stay sitting down at the table while you eat.
One thing I still love to do with you is wrestle, but you have gotten much harder to beat up.  You cheat by sneaking up to get me when I'm not looking.  I've had to fuss at you several times for jumping all over me, when it's not appropriate.  You really enjoy camping and watching the fire.  We have camped out some, and hope to do more this summer.  You don't mind gathering sticks, and want to put them in the fire, even when I don't want you to.  Lately, we have enjoyed searching for golf balls on the golf course.  Though I often find them and then direct you and Ruth so that you can "find" it.  It's like Easter eggs all over again.  Yesterday, was the first time that I took you on the golf course with me.  We only did 9 holes, but after we ate our hot dog for lunch, you were a bit wore out.  I let you help me drive the golf cart, you were terrible.  You would either barely push the pedal and putt-putt but not move, or you would slam it down all the way and the cart would bounce five feet in the air.  Your idea of steering is to go back and forth with the steering wheel, and didn't drive straight at all, way too much to the left and then way too much to the right.  Needless to say even with me pushing on the brake alot, that poor golf cart got a real workout.  You wanted me to drive and you walk some, so you walked a fair amount of the course as well.
You are so much more mature this year.  You seem to be understanding more of what we are trying to teach you.  Momma has been able to tell a huge difference since just Easter.  There are less fits pitched, less spankings needed, and more fun all the way around.  We still need to work on your obedience, sometimes it's important to do what Momma and Daddy tell you, without asking why and still not doing what is necessary.  We like that you are inquisitive, but sometimes it needs to be tempered.  I hope this next year that we can work on that and on volume control.  Lately you only have one volume incredibly loud.  When we are in town, or a restaurant, or it is late at night you need to be quieter.  We are still working on please and thank you, yes ma'am and no ma'am (that has taken a huge hit since coming up North, so many tell you not to say it to them), opening and holding doors for your Momma.  All of this boils down to being polite and considerate of others.  I guess this year's lesson that I hope to teach is the importance of being polite and considerate.  You obviously don't have control over most things in life, but as I've told you before you can control your attitude.  You need to treat others as you would wish to be treated, giving others respect and honor on a daily basis.  You need to start with this lesson at home, being respectful to me and your mother like your Bible verse says.  Also, taking care of and not fighting with your sisters.  For me, I find it appealing to see others go the extra mile of being polite and going out of your way to treat others better than you treat yourself, and I hope you will emulate that.
I love you, and I'm excited to see what this next year holds, as you grow older and more mature, closer to school age, and taking the next step.  You have already shown so much excitement in learning from books, videos, and Momma.


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