Saturday, June 22, 2013

4 Months with Rebecca


Well I just put you to bed for the night my little sweet thing, I cannot believe that it is time be writing another of these post.  I have packed up the last of your 0-3 month things this week, with the exception of my favorite dress, which I am going to let you wear tomorrow before packing it up.  You have out grown the size 0 shoes too.  You have such long feet.  I don't know what wrong with me but I feel like you are more rapidly growing than the others.  With Britt we were always so eager to see the next new first that I am not sure we full enjoyed babyhood.  With Ruth we were under such strain emotionally and financially that at times it was hard to relax. With you I just want to soak up the wonderful thing that having a baby back in the house is, but you don't seem to intend to lay around being a baby long.

This month you have not only mastered rolling all over the place, but you are beginning to army crawl. I meant to get some video of it for this post, but I kept forgetting.  You aren't very fast, but you push with you legs, grip with your toes and brace yourself with your forearms.  I will be curious to see if you will be content to move around this way, or if you will crawl the more conventional way, or be an early walker.  You spend a lot of time on your belly, you would rather be in the floor than about anywhere else. You are constantly trying to roll over onto your belly in the carseat, swing, or bouncer.  Infact you managed it tonight in the carseat.  I am going to have to remember to not let you sit in it unbuckled. The others didn't do that, to be honest I didn't know it was possible, you must be stronger than I thought.

I have given up on making you sleep on your back.  Your brother and sister were both side sleepers, with a wedge, and I tried that with you since you didn't like being on your back. Now that you can roll so easily, anytime I put you down you automatically roll onto your stomach. I am not sure it is that big of a deal anyway. I turned out ok (your Daddy and uncles might disagree, but I digress).  I moved you to your crib in your and Ruth's room this week. It was past time to do so, since you had figured out how to rock the cradle, but I hated to do it.  Unlike the others you have been a very quiet sleeper not much grunting and moving about, we haven't minded having you in the room. Plus I was enjoying the new baby stage. I won't get emotional again, just go back and reread the last half of the first paragraph.

You still love bath time, but Daddy has upgraded you from the baby tub to washing you in the tub on your back with half an inch of water. You go crazy with the kicking. I still use the tub, if you need to know why once again, go back to the end of the third paragraph.  Haha.  You are also still a great nurser, though you have been grinding/biting a little this past week or two.  I was concerned that I goofed up badly by not introducing a bottle around 6 weeks like I did with the others, because when we tried at 2.5 months, you wouldn't eat. We tried several times and figured it out after a month. You won't take breast milk in a bottle, but don't mind formula at all.  Go figure?

You are showing more interest in toys this month. You favorite three things without a doubt are the pink singing bear, the spinning turtle, and your owl.  The pink bear is strapped to your crib. It was Ruth's but she didn't really ever pay much attention to it. You can't figure out how to work it but you will crush yourself up against it and manage to set it off, then roll off it and grin and watch it. When it isn't singing, you talk to it. The spinning turtle on the carseat is the only toy out of the three that you will even watch. You get crazy excited kicking and laughing when I set it to swinging. You bat at it more and more now. You also laugh at your owl and chew on its ears or suck on the silky ruffle. You are finding your thumb more and more this month, and I wonder if you, like Ruth, will carry around your owl and suck your thumb.

We are kinda falling into a routine. You get up around 9 each morning, and eat close to an hour. You then lay around in the floor, generally propped up on you hoppy and watch your siblings, sometimes I could swear you are watching tv with them (I think I see your eyes moving to follow people on Skype too for that matter). You are generally back to sleep by 11, and sleep until 2. That is usually when I break from whatever I am working on in the house, to make a late lunch for everyone and then feed you. We then rock, eat, and watch an episode of Property Brothers while Ruth takes a nap, and Britt has quiet time. You are usually down for a short nap around 4 till 5 or 5:30.  You then stay awake for the rest of the night. You generally want to eat again whenever we have supper no matter when it is ready - 5 or 7 or 8:30.  You want to be held more in the evenings, or at least talked to. You and Daddy have watched several Rays games together as a result. Most nights you nurse around another hour till you nurse yourself to sleep between 10:30 and 11.

Ruth likes to play with you but she doesn't talk to you. Britt asked "my wittle, Abecky" a question the other day, and she cut him off saying rather emphatically, "Babecca, can't tawk, Bwitt."  Your Daddy loves to just sit and hold you, and I often see him absent mindlessly playing with your crazy hair when ya'll are sitting together. And of course I love you too, especially when we have our cooing conversations puncuated with lots of laughing.  You are a real blessing, and we are so thankful to God for you.


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