Saturday, July 21, 2007


Well, this weekend has been our annual meeting at Little Union, so it's late and I must hurry to bed soon, but I wanted to go ahead and leave you some Scotland pics. The first two days we stayed in Glascow, and here are the best of the best...

This is our very first glimpse of Scotland, at least the first as we started coming down through the clouds. And following, the Brewer Clan (Winn, Mr. Brewer, Mrs. Brewer, Misty and Patrick) my adoptive family from the trip. The best moments were spent with these very special, and very Christain people.
One of the first places we stopped after arriving in Glascow was St. Mungo's Cathedral, that's it in the distance. To get there we walked by the home of John Knox, the building in the front left corner. Below, a better shot of St. Mungo's.
This is the Pound Planet, officially the best place to go for souviners all for only $2. Winn and I did alot of shopping here. And for those of you with more expensive taste, the Kelvin Museum. Yes, that would be the fabulously wealthy Lord Kelvin, more famous for his invention of the Kelvin Scale of Temperature, where absolute Zero is -400 some degrees F (work with me here, it's late). It was one of the mot beautiful places we saw.
And just you thought the whole place was educational, here is further proof that Elvis is alive, only in Scotland. :) We saw alot of sheep on the trip as well, and yes the grass really was that green.
Here is St. Mungo's at night. We decided to walk the twenty blocks back to check out the cathedral and graveyard at dark. We were glad we did. Scotland is so far north that during the summer the sun set between 11:30 and midnight, and rose again at 4 am. Crazy huh? Finally this is Mary, Queen of Scotts. It is a manakin torso that Winn rescued from the dumpster. We cleaned her up and gave her a home amongst us. We carried her all over Scotland and re-enacted scenes from the real Mary's life. She was a great way to learn history and alot of fun. Don't worry, you'll see alot more of her!


strem said...

Mary? How funny!!!! Can't wait to see her again and hear more about the trip. The buildings are gorgeous, and I hope to see that green grass in person someday! I've missed you, and you've sure been in my prayers.

Marcy said...

Hey girl!! Love the pictures!! It was grreat to have you up here in Md the other week:)