Thursday, March 22, 2007

Woo Hoo! Spring Break!

Well in 56 hours and 55 minutes I will be leaving and now in exactly 66 hours and 54 minutes I plan to be in the arms of my beloved. If you count both travel days I will have 10 whole days with him.

And as if that wasn't reason enough to celebrate check out the weather.

The first several pics here are from around campus. The next on is of an up turned field on my way home. for some strange reason, whenever I see the plowed fields, I am over come with the desire to go running through them barefoot.
And finally, check out who else was thrilled about our stellar weather. Yep you guessed everyone's favorite two mascots, Una and her brother Leo the III.


strem said...

WOW! Your full bloom of spring is a teensy weensy bit ahead of us. Hopefully, we can post similar pictures in early April. Hope you have a SAFE trip and a WONDERFUL time. (Hi Gary! Bet you're grinning from ear to ear this week.)

Cal-el of Krypton said...

Cool Lions! I've been pushing for The University to get a real Big Al... so far all my letters have gone unanswered.

Dani said...

last I heard you killed an elephant with some paint... hahahahahahahahaha