Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flower Power...

I love flowers. They remind me of things. My personal favorites are daisies. When I see Buttercups and Tiger Lilies I think of my mother because they grow all over our yard. Merigolds remind me of Daddy, because he always wanted Merigolds around our mailbox, and if they will grow in Florida I plan to plant some when Gary and I find us a little place.

I like sleeping with the window cracked, my bed here at the apartment is right under a window, and I enjoy the breeze. I wake up earlier and more alert, and sleep better. Weird huh? Anyway, it was a bit hot in the apartment last night so Matthew and I turned on the fan and cracked the windows. It's great. I walked to class today (campus is about seven blocks or so down from us). The bradford pear trees, tulip trees, and even a few dogwoods are blooming. There are buttercups galore as well. So I brought some, home.

I like to leave flowers for Matthew on his desk. I do my schoolwork back here in the bedroom with all the books on my bed and stuff, on the West side of the apartment. He does all of his studying in the living room, the East side of the apartment. So they brighten his room up a bit I think. Plus I managed to knock down the broken set of blinds down in the bedroom over his bed pulling them up, so I need some points. haha.

Also thought ya'll might like this. It's a picture I took a bit more than a month ago, of the sunset on the river. That's the moon in the top, though it's hard to tell.


Something Creative said...

The weather has been amazing lately. I'm getting spoiled!

Owl of the Desert said...

Oh how I love spring. I love seeing the Bradford Pear trees bloom. I think they are simply beautiful. And, the weather has been amazing.

Marigolds are the ones you can crack open, and the flowers are the seeds, and there are a ton of them, right??? Does that make any sense??

Dani said...

Yeah, they come in gold, kinda a paler yellow, and orange. They are really fluffy and frilly, and when you open them they have gobs and gobs of seeds.

so, yeah, I think we are talking about the same thing here.

strem said...

We've been having beautiful weather up here, and I too have been sleeping with the windows wide open. Last night, however, it dipped back down to 40...and it looks like we'll have a few days of this. It's sad now after enjoying the appearing of spring so much this past weekend. Pansies are my favorite flower, but my yard is packed with others. Can't wait for my dogwood and lilac trees to bloom. Hopefully soon!!!