Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3 Months with Rebecca


Today you are three months old, I can’t tell that you’ve grown that much, but I’m sure you have. According to our bathroom scale you are between 13 and 14 lbs that is up from 10 lbs and 12 ozs at your 2 month appointment. I can tell you are longer than you were because the sleepers are getting a little tight, but for right now, I still have you in 0-3 stuff. You’ll have to make do, until I find the box with the bigger clothes. You have lost quite a bit of your hair especially on the sides. You like to hold your fist up beside your head and rub it when you are laying stretched out. You have lost some in the back too, but I can’t tell that you’ve lost that much on top. It still flies around, and doesn’t lay down. The swirl in your hair is on the opposite side from your siblings, same side as mine actually. So I’ve tried parting your hair on the opposite side, but I can’t tell that it does any better that way. Not only does it stand up, but at the end it curls. You’ve outgrown the baby headbands, and until I get some bigger ones, I just let it fly around. It’s kinda cute in its own way. I’ve decided you do look a lot like my baby pictures, especially when you smile. You don’t have the squishy eyes that crinkle up in the corners like your Daddy and siblings have, when you smile they are big wide eyes.

You still sleep great at night. You are still in the cradle, but I don’t mind because you sleep heavy, and don’t make a lot of racket like the others did. I plan to move you to the crib after we get yours and Ruth’s room painted. Even though I have most everything unpacked in there, it’s just not very clean and everything I want yet. Sometimes I worry a little that you don’t eat enough. You don’t eat as often as I remember the others eating. Last night you slept 14 hours straight, and I started to wake you up and feed you, but then I knew I was crazy, and just enjoyed sleeping. Today you’ve made up for it by eating almost hourly. I guess you are about to have another growth spurt. You don’t spit up as much or as often as you were. You still occasionally get me really good, like a couple of mornings ago, when I was dozing while Daddy was getting ready for work, and you soaked me, the bed and my best pillow.

As you might guess the routine we had in Indiana is out the window with the move. You wake up to eat about the time Daddy is getting up to get ready for work, but right now that’s the only constant in our day. Your brother and sister have somewhat fallen into a routine, but not you. Maybe when I get the painting and cleaning done, and maybe even when I get the rest of the boxes unpacked (sometime next year at the rate I’m going) you’ll have more of a routine. You’ve been pretty understanding about letting me paint. There have been a few screaming sessions that only ended when I quit and held you awhile, but for the most part, while you have complained at me a little bit, you let me finish whatever I have my hands full with before feeding and changing you.

You’ve not been spending as much time in the floor since I’ve not had things very much together. Your tummy time has mostly been in the middle of a bed, surrounded by pillows while I paint. You like to nap in the swing, but you don’t like it as well as the others did. You prefer to lay in the floor on your belly, or propped up a little on a pillow. Today for about 15 seconds you pushed up and locked your elbows, before face planting. You have great neck control. I pretty much just hold you around your chest when I have you sitting up on my lap now. Today you managed to scoot around almost the whole rug in the living room while laying on your back and pushing with your heels. You were trying so hard to push over onto your belly, and getting so mad, when it wasn’t happening for you. It reminded me that you will be mobile far too soon. You calmed right down when I laid you on your belly. You don’t show much interest in any of your toys, except the singing bear that hooks to the side of the crib. I know you can track, but you pay almost no attention to toys. Instead you tilt your chin up to look over whatever is in the way, and grin at me. Yesterday, I finally found your ticklish spot, and I have been enjoying getting you to laugh, and not waiting for you to decide that the most unlikely things are funny.

Britt and Ruth are still enamored with you. Britt is convinced that you can talk, if he can just figure out what you mean. He says you are harder to understand than Ruth, haha. He tells you about all the fun things that you can learn with him when you are big enough to “do school” like him. I often find him repeating things back to you, that we have been talking about. Whether that’s how to behave at Church or the different kinds of reptiles, or that bannanas make your muscles strong so they don’t hurt and stop you from playing. Daddy has been especially happy to have you back around this month. I have caught the two of you stretched out in his chair more than a time or two when he is suppose to be painting. The two of you seem to be enjoying watching baseball together.

You are such a loving baby, and I am so thankful that I get to be your mother. I love you little girl!

Love, Momma