Friday, May 27, 2011

My Birthday

My 26th birthday was 2 weeks ago today. And for my birthday, Gary really spoiled me. We left the kids with his parents and had an afternoon and evening child free for the first time in who knows how long. It was a most welcome break. First we went and had lunch at Olive Garden, and then Gary surprised me by letting me pick out two dresses from the dress barn, one for my birthday and one for Mother's Day.

After that we went over to Tip to Toe, where I got a pedicure, and we sat around talking to Ms. Connie the lady who runs it and who's daughter graduated with Gary. After that we swung by Payless for me to find a new pair of white Church shoes. The heel broke off of the really nice pair I had, and I was sad to see them go, but I found a super comfortable, if not all that dress pair for REALLY cheap so that was great.

The ultimate surprise was getting to go and see the Tampa Bay Ray's play, and they beat the Boston Orioles 2 to 0. One of their young new pitchers, pitched the entire game and allowed a few hits, but played great! After the game they allowed people to walk through the outfield. You could enter by the dugouts and then exit through centerfield. Gary and I had just been talking about how in the Rays outfield the warning track wasn't all that great, because it wasn't dirt, just the Astroturf changes color. Well we got to walk around on it, and I even took off my flip flops. It was kind of scratchy, not like grass, but it was really spongy. I couldn't get over how weird it felt. The warning track though in addition to being red wasn't spongy at all. I stood as close as I could get to right field, and thought man this is a huge area to cover. Then we stood out in center field, and looked back to home plate, and wow! I knew that the field was really big, and that it was bigger than a high school or little league field, but WOW! The field the stands it was all so enormous. It was the best part of the night, getting to stand out in the middle of center field on the star.

After the game, and 4 wrong turns by Gary we eventually made it back over to Brandon where we picked up a burger for a really late supper, and headed over to hang out with Amanda and a few of her and Gary's friends from way back. We sat around and visited until well past my birthday. At last it was time to call it a night and meander back to Mom and Dad's, but it was the BEST birthday ever.

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