Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Scotland, no wait New York City

Well, if you haven't heard, I am home. Scotland was amazing, and London wasn't bad either. I can still hardly believe that I went. Monday, June 4, 2007, several of us met up at school to travel down to B'ham to stay for the night before catching our very early plane out.

However, before we could enjoy the beauty of Scotland, we had a layover, an eleven hour lay over in New Jersey at Newark Airport. Since one of our teachers complained they threw in a free tour of New York. Granted we got quantity not quality, but it was alot better than sitting around the airport all day.

So here are some pictures for the day.

New York City Skyline (above) (below) However not everything was pretty, we did see the homeless.

Apparently there is a $350 fine for honking in New York. It must work since we did see officers writing tickets and honking was at a minimum. (above) (below) Every fire station in every burrough of New York responded after 9-11. Each Station lost at least one person, however Engine 54, Battery 9, Truck 4 lost every member, and this is the memorial in their honor.

This is the Rockafellow Center, and man it looks so much bigger in person than when you watch the Rockets dance at the Macey's Parade. (above) (below) Thought some of you might appreciate seeing Fashion Street, it goes down for miles on 7th Avenue.

This is the Empire State Building. Since the Towers fell, it is the tallest building in the city. (above) This is the Anvil Building, and it is very, very narrow. (below)

This is Chinatown. A random and interesting point 80% of the residences speak only Chinese and no English. (above) (below) The Manhattan Bridge in the background and in the front the Brooklyn Bridge.

This is a picture of me and Courtney hanging out at Pier 51. We are eating hot dogs and drinking tea. Now there is a story here about this. We were thinking that we outta get a hot dog while in New York, but alas it was terrible. Also the thought struck us that we would only be able to drink hot tea while we were gone, so that we outta try to get a last cup. So I walked up to the guy and asked if when the sign said "Iced Tea" if that meant sweet tea or Yankee tea. He said it was sweeted so we got some. It was the absolute WORST TEA I have ever had in my life. It was bitter, and sorta raspberry like. Even the Yankees on the trip agreed that it was the worst tea they had ever had. So we went around giving everyone a sip who had not already seen the horrible expression on someone else's face. (above) (below) This is as close as we got to Lady Liberty.

This is the American flag on the crane at Ground Zero. It is the only memorial to September 11, at the spot. If you didn't know that this was the place, then you would think it was just a big construction cite. (above) (below) A view of Ground Zero from the current Trade Center across the street.


strem said...

Fascinating, Dani! I'm sorry about the layover, but I am glad you were able to take the tour. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

I know what you mean about that tea. I am pretty sure it's not the locally brewed kind. But, instead, I bet it's that tea that is served out of soda fountains. They serve it at some of the Arby's around here, and I can't stand it. The raspberry taste is especially horrible to me. But, thankfully, most of them have regular ol' brewed sweet tea too!

Marcy said...

Great to have you back home girl!!