Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork.

So I was driving back to Decatur last Thursday as usual, and admiring the senery. I am continuely amazed by the handiwork of God. I like to draw, and while I'm not a fantastic artist I like to fancy that I have a very small talent in the direction of black and white landscapes; however, I will never compare with the Lord as an artist. Each day we have a different sunset painted changing each moment for us. It's so amazing to me. I often wonder aloud, how anyone could doubt His existance when faced with this beauty.
A Dear Guy Friend South of Here, pointed out this weekend that "Home is when the terrain around you matches the terrain in your heart." I'm not going to say that I have positively seen that but I tell you. The most beautiful three places I have ever seen. The first has got to be the Farm, sunset hill was beautiful this past Sunday, only having my fellow there with me would have made it better. It's the most peaceful place in the whole world. The second is easily West Texas at night at Bethel church. The stars, so many of them everywhere, and the sweet sound of hymn singing carrying into the night, is a memory I will never forget. Finally, this drive between Decatur and Florence, most especially when the cotton fields are in full bloom. I find my home, to be one of the most amazing places on earth. So here are a few pictures headed to Decatur, and then back home on Monday. The pictures don't convey the beauty, the starkness of the trees, the rolling empty fields, the colors of the sky, but I felt compelled to try. Besides, it's always nice to take a moment from my studies, and my crazy job to thank God for little gifts like this beauty.


strem said...

I like the quote. Isn't it humorous how different our terrains are - but that both are especially beautiful? I am awed when thinking of God's creativity in making so many different creatures, plants and landscapes.

Dani said...

He definitely has one good imagination.